Super Bowl LVI Players Pool Money | How Much Each Player Earn From Qualification Bonus & Wild Card Entry

How much do Super Bowl LVI Players money will be after the final? What will be the player’s pool share? This article will provide the all necessary data. So, without any delay let’s din in.

Super Bowl LVI or 2022 is going to be the 56th annual final of the National Football League. The final is all set to take place at Sofi Stadium, in Inglewood, California, in February 2022. The winner of the NFL receives a Vince Lombardi Trophy and a hefty amount of cash.

So, let’s see the Super Bowl LVI Players money list and how much players make.

Super Bowl LVI Players’ money

Winners Share$124,000 +50% bonus for winning the league
Losers Share$62,000 +25% bonus for reaching final and wild-card entry

Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in the United States. Every ear millions of fans tune into TV and come to the stadium to watch the match.

Millions of dollars were generated from Getway income and tickets sales. Winners take the good chunk and win share from the revenue. The runner-up team also gets a share in prize money.

Moreover, Players from the Winning and runner-up team gets a share of the prize money. Let’s see their shares:

However, in previous seasons the prize money was only a mere $200,000 and runner-ups earn $80,000. But this year’s Super Bowl final is finally seeing an increase in the final prize money which resulted in a hike in Players Pool Prize money as well.  

Total prize money for the winning team is now $250,000, which will be paid to the winning team players. It also includes a 50% winning bonus share as well.

All players from the winning team will earn $124,000. That includes $33,000 for winning the wild card round, $33,000 for winning the divisional playoffs, and $59,000 for winning the conference championship.

Runner-ups players in the super bowl LVI will be receiving $62,000 cash. Moreover, they had a 25% bonus for reaching final and wild-card entry. So, if you include that each runner-up player will be awarded an $80,000 cash prize.

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