Dakar Rally 2023 TV Coverage Schedule

Dakar Rally Coverage Schedule

Dakar Rally is one of the most iconic and thrilling rally race that no one never wants to miss the suspense. No matter, how far it is taking place and how the weather is, the thrilled people are always ready for it. The 45th edition of this grand event is starting from the very beginning of 2023. It will be the 4th occassion Saudi Arabia is going to host the event. There will be approximately 70% new tracks. Thus, fans will get the chance to enjoy something more than expected. We have provided the complete details about the schedule of Dakar Rally for the 2023 season.

The event’s prologue will take place on December 31, 2022 while the 1st stage will start from January 1 and will end up on January 15, 2023. But the enjoyment in it will never die as it is the first round of the upcoming World Rally-Raid Championship.

Dakar Rally TV Coverage Schedule

The TV coverage of the Dakar rally around the world will be through various channels. The schedule of the race is also announced.

TV Coverage

Some of the channels are listed below that will ensure a live telecast of the contest across the globe.

United StatesPeacock, NBCUniversal, Olympic Channel
United KingdomBBC Sports
IndiaOne Sports
South AfricaSuperSports
BrazilFox Sports, ESPN
AustraliaSBS Sports
Arab CountriesBEIN Sports
JapanJ Sports
RussiaMatch TV
China Zhibo TV
New ZealandSky Sports
FranceFrance TV
WorldwideRed Bull TV

In Arab countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & UAE, BEIN Sports will make a live telecast of the Dakar Rally. While in India, One Sports will make a coverage of this raid rally.


December 31, 2022PrologueSea CampSea Camp
January 1, 20231Sea CampSea Camp
January 2, 20232Sea CampAlula
January 3, 20233AlulaHail
January 4, 20234HailHail
January 5, 20235HailHail
January 6, 20236HailAl Duwadimi
January 7, 20237Al DuwadimiAl Duwadimi
January 8, 20238Al DuwadimiRiyadh
January 9, 2023Rest
January 10, 20239RiyadhHaradh
January 11, 202310HaradhShaybah
January 12, 202311ShaybahEmpty Quarter Marathon
January 13, 202312Empty Quarter MarathonShaybah
January 14, 202313ShaybahAl-Hofuf
January 15, 202314Al-HofufDammam

Dakar Rally is beginning from December 31. There are chances that 365 vehicles will participate in the starting line up. The Dakar Rally Cash Prizes are already revealed. Moreover, rides cost values are also available as it is the most expensive rally around the whole world.

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  1. Your T.V. list says The DAKAR will be shown in the U.S. by NBCSN, but I also read elsewhere that NBCSN will go off the air Dec. 31, 2021. Can you provide an update as to who may be televising the rally in the U.S.?

    • To anybody that thinks they can watch the Dakar on DirecTV…..good luck. It’s scheduled on the Olympic Channel 624 OLYCHD and the guide shows it. First stage was shown as advertised at 7;00 PM, Sunday, Jan 2nd. Second stage was also listed to show on 7:00 PM, Monday Jan 3rd. Listed as recorded, but when I played it back, all I got was a reply of the Winter Olympics that were held in Russia in 2014, 8 years ago

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