FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money | How Much Indian Players Earn If they Win Gold Medal?

Hockey World Cup Prize

The 15th edition of Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup announced. India selected as hosting nation once again. The defending champions Belgium send their best squad for the competition. The four time world champions (Pakistan) could not make to the world cup this year. Australia, Argentina and South Korea looking forward to challenge Belgium once again for the title. As per reports, there will be no FIH Hockey World Cup prize money reported this year again.

How Much Indian Hockey Team Players Earn if Win Medals?

The hosting nation India announced the packages for their players if the team earned gold medal each player from squad to other management staff will earn guaranteed $20k each, if team managed to bring silver medal each one of them awarded with prize share $15k while third place and bronze medal will bring $10k to each player account.

  • If the Indian team managed to win there will be top sponsorship deals that are waiting for the players, sponsors will give 1-2 years deals to the hockey players worth of maximum $50k to $100k a year.
How Much Australian, Belgium, Malaysian and Argentina players earn if wins medal?

The Associations who select and send the squad managed share big chunk of money with players if the bring gold, silver or bronze medal. Australian players each one will get paid AUD $15k for winning gold, AUD $10k for silver medal and AUD $7k for bronze medal.

  • Malaysian team wins gold medal, each player in the squad awarded with $25k prize, if finished runner-up players will be awarded $18k and bronze (third place), $12k to each player will be given.
NationsGold MedalSilver MedalBronze Medal

Other teams like England, Wales, Germany also pay a specific amount to their hockey players, but these nations never revealed how much. Hockey players earn when they participate in European Championship, International Event, Champions Trophy, World Cup and Olympics. The Association adjusted specific budget for the players based on their performance only if they finished in top three. If FIH Hockey World Cup prize money announced, the details will be provided here later.