FIS Cross Country World Cup Prize Money | How Much Gold, Silver, Bronze Medalist Earn In the Competition?

Cross Country World Cup Prize

International Ski Federation has organized the 42nd edition of World Cup featuring both men and women competitions. Started in November 2022, the season is going to end on March 26, 2023 as Lahti, Finland is hosting the final of this marquee tournament. Teams and players are set to receive massive payouts as whopping purse announced for the event. Here are the complete details about the FIS Cross Country World Cup prize money for the 2022-23 season.

Total Prize Money: There is an estimated increase of 10% in the total prize money of this mega event as compared to the previous edition. Thus, players will also experience a solid boom in their respective payouts which is mainly based on their performance and position. The total purse is 70k CHF and is split into two portions.

  • Prize Money Share: The players who finish the tournament between the ranks 1 to 20 will receive their payouts from the split of 40k CHF.
  • Finalists Bonus: Another 30k CHF adjusted to be distributed among the players who reached the final and finish among the top 6 positions.

FIS Cross Country World Cup 2022-23 Prize Money Breakdown

Winner’s Share: Winning this prestigious tournament not only brings huge fame but also a massive money in terms of prize money share. A sweet package of 10k CHF will be available to him for finishing the tournament on top of the positions list. Moreover, additional 12k CHF will be awarded to him for dominating other finalists as well on March 26. Thus, the winner will take home the guaranteed payout of 22k CHF.

Runner Up: The 2nd best professional will also pocket enormous numbers in terms of prize money share. He will have his hands on 7,500 CHF besides the final’s bonus of 8,000 CHF, enabling him to bank the total guaranteed payout of 15,500 CHF.

#PosPrize Money ShareFinalists BonusTotal Payouts
1st10,000 chf12,000 chf22,000 chf
2nd7,500 chf8,000 chf15,500 chf
3rd5,000 chf4,000 chf9,000 chf
4th4,000 chf3,000 chf7,000 chf
5th3,000 chf2,000 chf5,000 chf
6th2,000 chf1,000 chf3,000 chf
7th1,500 chf1,500 chf
8th1,100 chf1,100 chf
9th1,000 chf1,000 chf
10th900 chf900 chf
11th800 chf800 chf
12th700 chf700 chf
13th600 chf600 chf
14th500 chf500 chf
15th400 chf400 chf
16th300 chf300 chf
17th250 chf250 chf
18th200 chf200 chf
19th150 chf150 chf
20th100 chf100 chf

What Are The Additional Bonuses Available To The Players?

Another bonus of worth 5,000 chf will be available to those players who will end the group stages at top position. Thus, if the winner has continuously shown good performance throughout the tournament, he will pocket immense money for that cause.

All these are the details about the FIS Cross Country World Cup prize money for the 2022-23 season. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!