Four Hills Tournament Prize Money (Confirmed)

Four Hills Tournament Prize

German-Austrian Ski Jumping Week, which is well known for the (Four Hills Tournament), ski jumping event is based on four world cups take place in Germany and Austria each year since 1953. Four Hills Tournament champion is the one who earned most points over the event. Recently there is huge increase in the Four Hills Tournament prize money for 2021-22 competition.

Total Prize Money for FIS Ski Jumping World Cup event (Four Hills) $108k :

Four Hills event is the part of the Ski Jumping World Cup, recently purse share for the overall winner of the Four Hills Tournament increased, he will make guaranteed $100k+ for winning competition. Kamil Stoch last year become the gold medalist at event, reports confirmed he make €55k from the competition.

Gold Medalist Prize Share (€90,000)
The Ski Jumper who win’s the Four Hills tournament will awarded with prize money share of €90k this season. Bonus share also included for the winner which will bring his overall income at the event upto (€100k).

Silver Medalist Purse Share (€30,000)
Jumper who finished 2nd in the competition will receive guaranteed share of prize money €22k and there will be bonus awarded to the jumpers which increase total share upto (€30k).

Bronze Medalist Earnings (€20,000)
Third place finisher at Four Hills tournament will earn revenue share of €15k and there is a bonus awarded to the jumpers based on sponsorship deals increased overall prize money of bronze medalist upto (€20k).

If there are any changes made to the current Four Hills Tournament prize money details will be updated later.

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