How Much A Fighter Earn In Power Slap League? Will there be bonus for winners?

Fighter Earn Slap League

Power Slap League, produced by Dana White is the new combat sports event which is going to start from January 18, 2023. A number of male and female athletes are taking part in the league as it is something more than ordinary boxing or MMA or wrestling matches. Thus, players will grab money for participating in the matches. Here are the complete details about how much a fighter earn in Power Slap League. Moreover, we also have sorted out the official data regarding the winning bonuses.

How Much A Fighter Earn In Power Slap League?

Slapping each other with full force is not a very simple task as it may disfigure your face. Moreover, thinking about bearing the pain can also give you goosebumps for sure. Thus, only the strongest of people can take part in the PSL. However, the payouts reported for participant fighters are incredibly low as compared to the severity and popularity of this newly created combat sport event.

On average, a fighter will take home $2,000 for becoming the part of match. These figures are too much low as tolerating a forceful slap is not something to think about even. However Dana White, owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship is agree for these payouts and a fighter can only earn such miserable figures in Power Slap League..

In case, if a contestant makes to win the slap match, he will be able to pocket an additional $2,000 as win bonus. Thus, the final payout after winning the contest will be $4,000 which is still not enough to get back to normal position after a fiery competition.

Fee/MatchWin BonusTotal Payout
$2,000$2,000 (Available Only For Winner)$4,000

Why Fighters Complaint About Low Income Payouts?

Eric Spicely, former UFC mixed martial artist revealed that he was offered to participate in brutal sport of slap fighting just for the match fee of $2,000. These are the official figures for all participants. The additional $2,000 is available only for winner. While, the loser will not receive a single penny as compensatory bonus.

The fighters have created a huge hype against such low payouts as slap fighting is very tough sport and players can suffer from severe brain or facial injuries. They may have to go to hospitals post fight for medical treatments which is pretty much expensive than salaries.

All these are the details about how much a fighter will earn in Power Slap League 2023. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!