How Much A Figure Skater Earn Per Year? What Kind of Sponsorship & Contracts Offered to them?

Figure Skater Year Earn

From the last few years, there is an incredible rise in the popularity of Figure Skating across the globe as a great number of athletes comes toward this sport. It was the first winter game to be included in Olymics Games as the participants hve to skate on ice. The increased payouts attracted the players towards this prestigious sport as now, professionals can earn good figures from it with some getting six figures salary. Here are the complete details about how much a figure skater earn per year.

How Much A Figure Skater Earn Per Year?

It’s not easy to calculate the annual earnings of a figure skater as multiple factors are there which determine how much a figure skater can earn. These factors are experience, maturity, performance, number of events’ appearances and many others. However, we have put an estimated data regarding the figure skaters earnings.

Rookies: The beginners do not receive contracts or sponsorships from widely recognized brands which results in poor merchandise sales and low payouts. On average, a rookie figure skater earns around $200k per year from the prize money shares, including the additional bonuses and other sponsorships. These are miserable payouts but gets on increasing when the rookie shows unbelievable performances during a marquee event.

Professionals: A professional figure skater earns money from multiple sources including the likes of worthy sponsorships, participation in high profile events and merchandise sales. Thus, an experienced figure skaters manages to earn around $1.5m per year from all these sources alongside with some exceptions. Some figure skaters manages to pocket six figures money from these sources.

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Johnny Weir is currently active and is on the top among the highest paid figure skaters in the world. The American turned professional in 2013 and since then, he performed exceptionally well in his career. From all sources, he is currently earning $500k and his net worth has crossed the gigantic $4 million mark.

All these are the details about how much a figure skater earn per year. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!