NHL Winter Classic 2022 Prize Money (Players Pool) Winners Share Revealed

NHL Classic Prize Money

The most famous Ice Hockey league is a regular event that occurs on the New Year’s day. Starting from 2008, this league has made its own value as it is distinct from all other leagues played. The NHL winter classic prize money 2022 is revealed and the event is going to start in January 2022.

The prize money for the NHL Winter Classic is not announced completely and hence the predictions are available instead of confirmed values.

Prize Money

StandingsPrize MoneyTicket SharePlayers Pool Money
Runner UpN/A 25% $10,000
2nd Round Knockout$20,000N/A N/A
1st Round Knockout$10,000N/A N/A

The prize money for the winner and runner up are not available. Each player of the team, which knocks out in the 2nd round, will get $20,000. While the players of the team which eliminate in the 1st round, receive a cash of $10,000 .

About 2/3 of the total revenue is generated through the tickets selling. That’s why, there is also a 25% fraction of ticket share for the winner and runner up team. Match dates and tv coverage NHL Winter series classic announced.

The final updates about the prize money will be available as soon as there is any official announcement.

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