Power Slap 1 Finale Salaries | How Much Win Bonus Paid to Each Title Winner?

Power Slap 1 Finale Salaries

The finale of first season Power Slap League confirmed. There will be four title fights that will take place at Power Slap 1 finale. Darius Mata-Varona fight will take place with Ron Bata. Ayjay Hintz fight will take place with Vernon Cathey. The details of Power Slap 1 finale salaries based on fighters earnings including win bonus.

Fight CardPursesWin BonusTotal Payouts
Darius Mata-Varona $5kN/A$5k
Ron Bata$5k$5k$10k
Duane Crespo$3kN/A$3k
Damien Bell$3k$3k$6k
Ayjay Hintz$5k$5k$10k
Vernon Cathey$5kN/A$5k
Azael Rodriguez$5k$5k$10k
John Davis$5kN/A$5k
Christapher Thomas$5k$5k$10k
Jesus Gaspar Diaz$5kN/A$5k
Russel Rivero$3k$3k$6k
Isaih Quinones$3kN/A$3k
Dorian Perez$3k$3k$6k
Frank Holland$3kN/A$3k
Andrew Probost$3k$3k$6k
Alex Asbury$3kN/A$3k
Travis Aragon$3k$3k$6k
Rese Archer$3kN/A$3k
Robert Trujillo$3k$3k$6k
Jewel Scott$3kN/A$2k
Highest Paid Fighter at Power Slap 1 Finale?

Recently a big audience emerge for the power slap league, there will be some good payouts for the contenders. An estimated purse $5k for the title fight contenders. Darius Mata-Varona, Ron Bata, Ayjay Hintz, Vernon Cathey, Christapher Thomas and Jesus Gaspar Diaz among highest paid fighters at power slap league finale 1.

  • Ron Bata : $10k purse ($5k show, $5k win bonus)
  • Ayjay Hintz : $10k purse ($5k show, $5k win bonus)
  • Azael Rodriguez : $10k purse ($5k show, $5k win bonus)
  • Christapher Thomas : $10k purse ($5k show, $5k win bonus)

Since it’s a finale we expect big payouts for the fighter. However a report revealed Power Slap League fighters purses, where a fighter reported that he had contract three fights he earn $2k to show $2k to win.

Power Slap League competitors still earning more than some boxers and mma fighters who earn less than $2k a fight. The about Power Slap 1 finale salaries were estimated, no official details yet reported. Maximum a power slap league fighter can earn is upto $10k which include win bonus.