Saudi Cup Prize Money | Purses of $35.5 million Adjusted for the 2023 Race | Winners Share Reported ($20m)

Saudi Cup Prize Money

In addition to the previously announced allocation of group 1 status to the $20 million Saudi Cup, the jockey club of Saudia Arabia revealed in a press conference some key purse increases for undercard races. After the first edition there is 30% increase in the purses of Saudi Cup 2021. Saudi Cup prize money for 2023 race not revealed yet, but as far as news sources reported more hike expected.

StandingPrize Money
Winner$20 million
Runner-up$10 million
Third$3 million
Fourth$2.5 million
Overall Prize Money$35.5 million (increased 10% more compare to previous season)

It’s confirmed that Saudi Cup 2023 race will be held in the month of February 2023. There two different dates announced for this race as per sources a source claimed it will take place on 25th February and one claimed that it will be held on 26th February.

Winners & Runner-ups Purses | Distribution of the prize money Suadi Cup 2023 will be different, the winner take big chunk of $20 million which mean’s the horse jockey will make $2 million from the race, the runner-up jockey will $1 million and runner-up’s prize share reported $10 million.

3rd & 4th Place Purses | Third place and fourth place holders in the Saudi Cup 2023 will earn guaranteed $3 million and $2 million as follows. The 3rd place jokey in the race will make 10% of the prize money which $300k and $200k 4th place jockey share.

How Saudi Cup Will Become Richest Horse In the World?

Back to back hike in the Saudi Cup purse money makes it richest horse in the world. After two years time period there is almost 35% increase in the horse purse which is upto $35 million for the year 2023.

The Saudi Cup prize money will be reported according to the jockey club of Saudi Arabia and as per media sources. The official announcements regarding to changes in the purse distribution provided here later.

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