What are the Pros & Cons Of VAR: Using Technology In Soccer, How it impact the matches worldwide

This article will discuss the Pros & Cons of VAR in soccer and how it has changed the sporting experience for the audience and players!

The new technology in football is built upon a system of shooting which has quite a few Pros and cons. 

VAR is a great example of technology designed to improve a sport. 

But only in instances where it can be accurately implemented and can put an end to the many controversial calls that, at times, seem to make all the difference in the game, with players teetering on a wire between unjustifiable and, at times, illegal penalties.

The equipment being used can be a bit of a game changer for soccer, as it can end many situations that would have been heated calls in past years.

Below we’ve mentioned some significant pros and cons of VAR that most people will agree with this fact and some may disagree!

Let’s get started!

Pros Of Using VAR In Soccer

1 – Improves Decision Making

Technology is used not only to review decisions and make improvements but also to make the decision-makers review their decisions. 

When reviewing the decisions made by a player, there are also improvements to be made in training practices and training methodology. 

VAR Football will help the modern-day referee understand how technology can influence the player personnel, training, and tactics to improve the game.

2 – VAR Fuel The Excitement During The Match

There’s no doubt that soccer brings every fan together and the excitement level of fans is crazier than in any other sport.

However, VAR Intensifies the drama and excitement leading up to the match. With players and fans being more accurate in preparation and more prepared during the game. 

VAR Football will trigger an increase in the excitement and passion for the sport.

On the other hand, when technology experts take longer than necessary to make an informed decision, the excitement and drama take place within those seconds or minutes, which is the real beauty of soccer.

3 – Maintains Player Discipline

Player discipline is an integral part of every soccer match. VAR is widely seen as a way to maintain this and has been a huge change in the sport. 

The use of technology has allowed referees to intervene and make decisions on the field that can help beat a game. 

It improves an individual decision, increasing the value of a player’s decision during a match.

Most definitely, it has been a huge change in soccer and, most importantly, in the eyes of soccer players worldwide. 

All we can do is raise the bar higher and higher and continue to grow as a world-class sport.

Cons Of Using VAR Technology In Soccer

1 – More Info Needed For Match

The pros and cons of VAR in soccer seem to be less understood than supporters and the media. 

Some fans have an understanding of what technology can provide the game. While others have an understanding of what it doesn’t offer the game. 

Supporters and the media are the first to be vocal about what the system is capable of. But they aren’t aware of what it can’t. 

While VAR resourcefulness has much potential, it still leaves room for improvement.

2 – Sometimes Become A Complete Time Wastage

During the match, time is a very useful and significant element that no one can disagree with.

For a careful and informed decision based on analysis. VAR took a lot of time which caused the match to slow down and waste the fans’ time. 

But the fans were enjoying the game in the process. The replay technology doesn’t affect the game flow, so how do people use that as an example? 

In the extreme case, it takes 1-2 minutes to establish that the goal is “not offside,” which is a big part of the game: losing or winning goals.

3 – Referees Start Relying More On Technology

Another major con of using VAR in soccer is that Referees start relying more heavily on technology instead of learning and improving their analysis. 

This can cause an increased error during judgment in the game. 

As a result, the attention often moves away from what is happening on the field and becomes a complete time waste.

Although, this will affect the goodness of the game and the overall quality of play. Overall, it is safe to say that the truth behind VAR technology is not yet known.

Pros & Cons Of VAR: Final Words

VAR is a wonderful technology with its positives and negatives. But it would be unwise to say it has no place in soccer yet. 

It is still an emerging technology and is missing some necessary items to be an official unit in soccer. 

Technology may inevitably evolve in soccer. But no one is saying that VAR will be in every game this upcoming season, let alone the next.