What Is A Pitch In Soccer? Explained

What Is A Pitch In Soccer?

This article will discuss what is a pitch in soccer and its different elements!

In the United States, people love to call the grass that soccer is played on. But did you know that’s not the case for the entire world?

Our goal today is to explore what the term pitch means and how the different pieces of it relate to soccer.

Pitch: The Origin Of Terminology

It’s a surprise for us also that the term “Pitch” originated in the early development of Sports in England in the 19th century.

At that time, soccer matches were played on the cricket pitch before a specific area of grass were come to someone’s mind.

Although, the soccer player started adapting to cricket’s pitch, and the name started spreading. With time, the field was referred to as the pitch.

Thus, soccer players start thinking about having their pitch to play and practice and not disturb cricket players.

And the idea came to execution, and the first pitch was created in 1860 in the Hallam area of Sheffield.

Different Areas Of Pitch

In general, the pitch is the name of the soccer field and consists of several things you may not know. Read more to know:

Centre Circle – the Centre circle is located in the middle of the ground where players kick off the ball and start the game.

Two 18-yard boxes– They are located at each end of the pitch (one for each team). In this pitch area, goalkeepers can touch the ball with their hands.  A plenty kick is rewarded to the attacking team if any player commits a foul in this area. 

Halfway Line –  As the name represents itself, the halfway line is a line between the pitch. This line on the field is designed to let players know when they have entered or left their pitch side. 

Boundaries –  When the ball crosses any of these lines, it is considered out of play, as it represents the edge of the pitch. If a ball is outside the field’s boundaries, it is a rule to hand it over to the team who did not pull it out of the play.

Goal Line –   the most important line on the soccer pitch is the goal line which dictates whether the ball has entered the goal net. 

Why Do Americans Call It A Soccer Field, Not A Pitch?

There is often an assumption that it is called pitch due to subtle differences in the naming of games.

But that’s not true!

Americans call it a soccer field, not a pitch because most of their sports matches are on the field. For example, American football is played on grass ground, and the pitch is also known as the field.

Although, British people consider it an unethical and wrong mistake. 

Ultimately, we all love playing and watching soccer; it does not matter whether it’s a pitch or a field. 

Our love and loyalty to soccer will always be the same.