What Is Power Slap League? How It Become Most Popular Sports in United States?

What Is Power Slap League?

After watching the traditional boxing, MMA fighting and wrestling matches, fans want something new and Dana White has delivered. UFC president has produced a new show that is something more than bare knuckle boxing and ordinary fights. The event named as Power Slap League is starting from January 18, 2023 and will be live on TBS Network as they holds the official TV broadcasting rights.

What Is Power Slap League?

It is sensational to see one person slapping the other one with his full force and Power Slap League is nothing less than this. Two persons confronting each other will slap each other turn by turn until one contestant knockout the other one. The judges will confirm the result that which participant has won the match.

Power Slap League or PSL comes with some interesting rules and regulations to make event more thrilling. Toss will decide which player will start the match as he will has 30 seconds to slap his opponent. The other one cannot tuck in his chin or raise his shoulder to create any hindrance for lowering the impact.

Person being slapped has only 30 seconds to recover and the same goes on for 10 minutes. Whole fight consist of 3 rounds and each round has 10 points. The judges will announce the results in the end as per the impact factor and knockout system. Thus, Power Slap League is something new for the combat sports lover.

However, many disadvantages also associated with this new event. Contestants may suffer from the brain damage and other severe injuries. Thus, not everyone can easily enter the league until he has strong willpower.

All these are the details about the Power Slap League 2023. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!