World Baseball Classic Prize Money | How Much Winners Earn from Total Purse $14.4m?

World Baseball Classic Prize Money

After the delay of 2 years, the professional baseball tournament is finally making a comeback as the dates and venue announced. World Baseball Classic was previously scheduled to take place in 2021, but cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic. Now, it will take place between March 8 to March 21, 2023. United States are the defending champions as they won the previous edition which took place in 2015. Here are the complete details about the World Baseball Classic 2023 prize money breakdown alongside with winner’s share.

Prize Money: The total purse announced for the 2023 season is $14.4 million and will be distributed among the 20 participant teams as per the fixed ratio. This is the highest announced prize money in the history of this prestigious tournament and thus, teams are set to receive huge shares.

World Baseball Classic 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

Group Stage: 20 teams in total compete for the trophy in the 2023 season. Each team will earn the base share of $300k for playing in the group stage.

Group Stage Winners: The 20 teams are divided in 4 groups and each having 5 nations. Teams which will top the group stage will earn an additional bonus of $300k each.

Quarterfinalists: The top 8 countries which will reach the knockout stage and manage to packet the base share of $400k each. All 8 countries will get this amount.

Semi-finalist: After winning the quarterfinals, 4 teams will qualify for the semifinals stage. Their is another bonus of total worth $2 million available to them. Thus, each finalist will take home $500k besides the previous bonuses.

Finalist: The two top teams will compete against each other for the trophy on March 21, 2023 in the Championship match. As per details, both teams will enjoy the total share of $1 million ($500k each).

Winning Bonus: The winner of 2023 World Baseball Classic will be fortunate as their is another huge bonus of worth $1 million awarded to them alongside with the previously provided money. Thus, the champion nation has the solid chance to earn sweet $3 million from prize money, if they will also be the topper of group stage.

StandingsPrize MoneyNumber of TeamsTotal Purse
Championship Game$500k2$1m
Semi Finalists$500k4$2m
Quarter Finalists$400k8$3.2m
Pool Winners$300k4$1.2m
Total Prize Money$14.4m

All these are the details about the World Baseball Classic 2023 prize money breakdown alongside with the winner’s share. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!