World Chess Championship Prize Money | How Much Winner Earn in Biggest Chess Tournament?

World Chess Championship Prize

To determine the new king, World Chess Championship schedule announced alongside with dates and venue. The winner of Candidates Tournament Ian Nepomniachtchi will take on the runner up Ding Liren in 14 matches series, played between April 9 to April 30, 2023. St Regis Hotel, Astana, Kazakhstan will host the matches. Moreover, if a tie-break is needed to determine the champion, it will also take place at this venue. The prize money details of World Chess Championship 2023 also revealed alongside with the winner’s share.

Total Purse: The total prize money set for the championship is $2.19 million (€2 million) which will be distributed among both contenders based on their finishing positions.

World Chess Championship 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

Winner’s Share: The champion not only leave the arena with a trophy but also with the announced purse share of 60%. This means that he will take home $1.31 millions (€1.2 millions).

Runner Up: The runner up will also take the 40% cut of total prize money announced for the championship which is $876,000 or €800,000.

What Are The Purse Shares If a Tie-Break Will Occur?

To become the champion, the participant must have to score 7.5 points in the series of 14 matches. However, if both score equal points after these classical games, a tie-break is scheduled to determine the winner. In this case, the purse shares will be different. Champion will receive 55% while the runner up will take home 45% of the total prize money.

StagePurse SharePurse Share If Tie-Break
Winner60% (€1.2 Million or $1.31 Million)55% (€1.1 Million or $1.2 Million)
Runner Up40% (€800k or $876k)45% (€900k or $985k)

All these are the details about the World Chess Championship 2023 prize money. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!