World Snooker Championships Seoson 2021/2022 Tournaments & Venues

The World Snooker Championships Seoson 2021/2022  is an ongoing professional snooker tournaments being played from July 2021 to May 2022.

The World Snooker Championships in the 2021/2022 season will consist of a field of 122 Professional Players. The top 64 players from the prize money ranking after the 2021 world championship, and 27 of the players who earned a two year tour card the previous year automatically qualify for the season. Next, eight places are allocated to the top eight on the One Year Ranking List who have not already qualified for the Main Tour.

Another four players came from the CBSA China Tour will most probably participated in World Snooker Championship 2021/2022, and a further 14 places were available through the Q school (four Event 1 winners, four Event 2 winners, four Event 3 winners, and two from the Order of Merit).

New professional players

All players listed below received a tour card for two seasons.

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