World Women’s Curling Championship Prize Money | How Much They Get Paid for Winning Gold Medal?

Women's Curling Championship Prize Money

LGT is sponsoring the marquee tournament scheduled between March 18 to March 26 as the Goransson Arena in Sandviken, Sweden confirmed as the host. 13 teams will compete against each other to win the title in a round robin group stage, followed by playoffs. World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 is endorsed by various big brands and thus huge revenue comes to the account and consequently, handsome prize money announced for the tournament. Here are the complete details about how much the players from each nation will earn for winning the title.

World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 Prize Money

13 nations are participating in this marquee event and each team pays different incentives to their respective players and the payouts depends upon the performance and medals. We have assembled a whole data regarding these payouts.

Italy: Italy has topped the list in providing huge payouts to its medalists. A player who will win the gold medal earn $213,000. While the silver medalists will have their hands on $107,000 and bronze winners will take home $71,000. These figures are far beyond than provided by any other nation in Women’s Curling Championship 2023.

United States: United States also pay handsome figures to its players and gold medalists will take home $37,500. While players with silver medals earn $22,500 and bronze winners, $15,000.

Switzerland: The Swiss athletes also earn massive incentives for finishing on the top in the tournament. Player with gold medal will earn $44,171. While the silver and bronze medals winner bank $33,129 and $22,086 respectively.

Germany: Germany is also participating in 2023 Women’s Curling Championship and gold medalist from this country will bank $22,000 and the silver medal holder $17,000. Bronze winner will earn $11,000.

Denmark: Denmark has qualified for the tournament from playing in 2022 European Curling and now they are ready to win this edition. The gold, silver and bronze medals winner will earn $15,962, $11,971 and $7,891 respectively.

#No.CountriesGold MedalistsSilver MedalistsBronze Medalists
2United States$37,500$22,500$15,000

All these are the details about the World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 prize money. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!