Rugby Europe Championship Prize Money | How Much Winners Will Earn | Bonuses For the Players Adjusted By Rugby Unions

Rugby Europe Championship Money

The 6th edition of Rugby Europe Championship announced. Six qualified teams that will be part of the competition announced. Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Romania, Georgia, and Portugal. No Rugby Europe Championship prize money announced but players do receive money from the associations.

Biggest Prize | Any of these teams become the champions of European Rugby Championship 2022, will get place in the World Cup 2023 in Pool A and B. Georgia set their marks from previous event, another team alongside them will join the World Cup 2023 qualified teams for the competition based 2021-22 Europe Rugby Championship results.

Pool Money for Players | Currently no Rugby Europe Championship prize money announced. But its reported that players on winning team and team who gets qualified will earn money from associations. Some association will pay double salaries to their players and some will include bonuses for the players.

  • Spain Rugby Players will earn pool money (€50k) each for winning tournament
  • Portugal rugby players awarded with prize of (€35k) each for if managed to win the tournament.
  • Georgia pay money to it’s players upto (€50k) each if they become the champions again in 2022.
  • Netherlands award €50k to €75k each rugby player to confirm their place in the upcoming world cup 2023.

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