Cazoo UK Championship Prize Money | Winners Share & Highest Break Purse (Revealed)

UK Championship Prize Money

UK Championship one of the major on-going snooker competition. The event held at York, at York Barbican venue. It’s ranking event, which means each player ranking affect according to their performance. UK Championship prize money announced.

How Much Winner Earn : The winner who reach the final and hold the trophy will leave York Barbican arena pocketing £250k. But, if the winner hold the highest break record during the event his earnings will be double to £265k.

Runner-up : Player who reach the final but ended-up as finalist will only make £100k. There is slight increase in the runner-up prize money since last event held in 2021. Past reports revealed, that runner-up in 2021 received payment of £80k. In 2022, event organizers increased the payment upto £20k.

StagesPrize Money
Semi Finalist£50k
Quarter Finalist£25k
Last 16£15k
Last 32£10k
Last 48£7.5k
Last 80£5k
Last 112£2.5k
Highest break£15k
Total Purse£1.25m

Last year the prize money only distributed from last 64 to champion. But it looks like the organizers totally changed their payment version, this year prize money start distributing from last 112 to finalists.

Total UK championship prize money increased from £1m to £1.25m. Hike of the prize money can be seen in the winners, runner-ups and first round players. If there will be any changes to the current event payouts and rewards details updated here. Event list among top paying snooker competition worldwide.

How Much Highest Break Fund at UK Championship?

Who ever get’s the UK championship highest break record, will earn £15k guaranteed.

  • Sponsor : Cazoo
  • The Other Name of Event : 2022 Cazoo UK Championship
  • Final Match Date : 20 November 2022
  • Defending Champion : Zhao Xintong ( 2021)