WPA World Nine-Ball Championship Prize Money

WPA Nine Ball Prize

The upcoming WPA World Nine-ball championship take place in Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, England. It’s a cue sports tournament, based discipline of nine-ball. All matches played between the time of 6-10 April 2022. WPA World Nine ball championship prize money reported.

Winners Share at WPA World Nine Ball Championship | The winner of the world nine ball championship will earn guaranteed $60k from the tournament. Winner’s prize money for the tournament 2022 increased compared to last year. Last year, Albin Ouschan, champion earn $50k from the competition. Winner will make money upto $80.5k based on round of 32, 16, quarter finals and semi finals share.

Runners-up Share at World Nine Ball Championship | Runner-up who reached the final but could not win the competition, earn guaranteed money of $30k. But including other income from round of 32 to semi finals his payout increased to $50k.

StandingsPrize MoneyNumber of Players
Champion$60,000 1
Semi Finalist$10,0004
Quarter Finalist$6,0008
Round of 16$3,00016
Round of 32$1,50032
Last 64$50032

Total World Nine Ball Championship Purse | $325,000 adjusted total purse from which maximum share goes to winner and runner-up. All players in semi final, quarter final, round of 16 and and round 32 awarded prize share.

If there will be any changes made to the current WPA World Nine Ball Championship prize money details updated here later. Complete information from round of 64 to champions share taken from trusted sources.

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