ATP Cup 2022 Prize Money (Each Player & Team Payout) Revealed

ATP Cup Prize Money

Third edition of ATP Cup announced, it will began from 1 January until 9th January 2022. There will be 16 teams who will compete in the ATP Cup this year. Fifteen teams qualifications based on ranking system, only host country Australia received wild card entry. ATP Cup 2022 prize money increased, there is 40% hike for the competition.

Standings1st Player2nd PlayerTeam
Semi Finalist$125,000$105,000$30,000
Group Win$75,000$50,000$20,000
Total Prize Money$14 Million

In 2021, due to pandemic, teams ratio shrink to 12 teams but in 2022 the teams participation increased back to 16 teams. Organizers looking forward to bring the previous concept of 24 teams back which will be possible in 2023 and prize money will hike to $20 million (Australian currency).

It’s been reported that players selected as first team, will earn $250k and $150k paid to 2nd team player overall teams receive $50k for reach final. Each group winner (1st team) player received $75k and 2nd player receive $50k share the team overall make $20k.

Complete details regarding to ATP Cup 2022 prize money reported, here once the details based on singles and doubles competition released. Australia Open 2022 major grand slam take place after this tennis tournament.

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