ATP Finals Prize Money | Undefeated Player in Singles Competition Earn $4.4m

ATP Finals Prize Money

The upcoming men’s tournament ATP Finals dates confirmed. The event began from 13 November and final will be played on 20th November at Turin, Italy. Pala Alpitour the venue selected for the matches. Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas look’s favorite to reach the final, however it’s difficult to predict any winner at the moment. ATP Finals prize money, players bonuses and points announced.

StagesSingles PurseDoubles Purse
Participation Fee’s$160k – $320k$52k – $130k
Round robin win per match$383,300$93k
Semi Finalists$1.07m$130,000

Participation Money : It’s confirmed both singles and doubles players who qualified for the ATP Finals this year will receive the share from prize money based as participation fees. In singles competition player who played 1 match will earn $160k, who played two matches will earn $240k and the tennis star who participate in three matches will earn $320k.

  • 1 Match : $160,000
  • 2 Matches : $240,000
  • 3 Matches : $320,000

The doubles competitors also earn share from the prize money, double who play 1 match will earn $52k, a team who play two matches will earn $98k and team with three matches leave arena pocketing $130k.

  • Doubles 1 Match : $52,000
  • Doubles 2 Matches : $97,500
  • 3 Matches : 130,000

Champions Purse : The ATP finals prize money for the champions of single and doubles announced. Actual earnings will be $2.2m but if they player or team retain undefeated run in the competition as per sources, $4.4m awarded to single player and $983k awarded doubles teams which 50% more compare to actual prize money which include all bonuses. The event take place just before the mega FIFA World Cup 2022.