Australian Open 2022 Prize Money (Another increase in prize money takes total fund to $75 million ($54m USD)

Australian Open authorities have confirmed that 2022 Australian Open will take place in January 2022 and they also announced an 4.5% increase in total prize money taking the total to record breaking $75 million AUD ($54m USD). The entire breakdown of 2022 Australian Open Prize Money is listed below where the singles event winners will take home as much as $4.4 millon AUD ($3.19m USD).

Tennis Australian (TA) has confirmed increase in Prize Money pool for 2022 Australian Open. which is a welcome sign after 2021 event did not see any increase in prize money for the first time in last 10 years. Australian authorities has confirmed crowds for Australian open but any player who is not covid-19 vaccinated wont be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Australian Open 2022 will take place normally at the end of January and organizers have already confirmed that crowds will be allowed throughout the tournament. We take a look at entire breakdown of Australian Open Prize Money fund which see another 4.5% increase taking the total available to $75 million AUD ($54m USD)

Australian Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown:

The winners of 2022 singles events will take home AUD $4.4 million (USD $3.19). Below is the entire breakdown to 2022 Australian Open Prize Money.

SEMIFINALIST $1,100,000$200,000$50,000
ROUND 4$300,000$62,000$12,000
ROUND 3$180,000$40,000$6,250
ROUND 2$140,000$25,000
Round 1$90,000
Qualifying Round 3$50,000
Qualifying Round 2$33,500
Qualifying Round 1$24,000

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