Davis Cup Past Winners & Runner-ups Since 2001 | Who Win Most Titles?

Davis Cup Past Winners

After the Grand Slams, there comes Davis Cup, also known for the World Cup of Tennis. The event is played on annual basis and world finds a new champion every year. United States is the most successful nation so far in the tournament with 32 titles on the card. Here are the complete details about the past winners of Davis Cup and which nation has made their ways multiple times to the knockout stages.

United States

Davis Cup Past Winners

United States is on the top with most number of titles as they have made their way at 32 occasions. The team won the first title at the 1st title in the maiden season of Davis Cup in 1900. Since then, United States have dominated this prestigious event. They also hold the record of winning 7 tournaments in a row and achieved this feat between 1920-1926. However, the team couldn’t manage their outstanding performance after 2007 as they have not grabbed any event afterwards.


Not from the very beginning, but later on Australia has made an epic entry to the Davis Cup history and found back to back wins. In total, they have picked the trophy 28 times. First time, they did the job in 1907 but got the best out of it between 1950 to 1967. However, the graph is also down for Australia in the events’ history from the last few years as they have not won any title since 2003.


Davis Cup Past Winners

France is at number 3 with 10 trophies in their records. The team has made such kind of entry into the tournament that no other one can. In 1925 and 1926, France ended as runner ups and from 1927, they won 6 title consecutively, just short of 1 event to level US record. The latest event won by France is in 2017 where they defeated Belgium.

Great Britain

Great Britain is also holding 10 titles alongside with France. GB has also dominated the Davis Cup history since the starting tournaments and made their way to the 1st trophy in 1903 where they defeated United States. Although reached the finals multiple times, but able to earn victory at 10 occasions.


Sweden has made very late entry to the Davis Cup but ruled the last 2 decades of 20th century. The team won the 1st event in 1975 and since then, picked the trophy for 7 times. However, their performance is not of so much worth from the beginning of 21st century as they failed to grab any event due to poor performance.

Other teams who won the titles are following.

  • Spain: 7 titles
  • Czech Republic: 6 titles
  • Germany: 3 titles
  • Russia: 3 titles
  • Croatia: 3 titles
  • Argentina: 2 titles
  • Italy: 1 title
  • Serbia: 1 title
  • South Africa: 1 title
  • Switzerland: 1 title

Past Winners Of Davis Cup (2000-2021)

YearChampionRunner Up
2004SpainUnited States
2007United StatesRussia
2009SpainCzech Republic
2012Czech RepublicSpain
2013Czech RepublicSerbia
2015Great BritainBelgium

All these are the details about the past winners of Davis Cup. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!