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Grand Slam Prize money


Tennis Grand slams with highest prize money- 2022

Grand Slam holds a significant value in Tennis. Players’ ultimate goal is to win the Grand slam titles. Every year, four grand slam competitions are held. However, a player who won all fours grand slam titles in a year is referred to as a Grand slam champion. These tournaments winning prize money’s varies differently. Base on the latest information, have a look at which tournament offers the highest prize money grad slam:

Grand SlamSingle’s Double’s Total Prize Money
Australian Open$2,750,000 AUD$600,000 AUD$71,500,000 AUD
US Open$2,500,000 USD$660,000 USD$57,500,000 USD
French Open€1,400,000€244,295€34,367,215
Grand Slams Prize Money

US Open

US open was started way back in 1877. US Open become the first grand slam tournament that offers equal prize money for both male and female athletes. US open is the last grand slam tournament of the year.

  1. Date for the torunament
    US open is a last Grand Slam event of the clander year. It begins from 30 August-12 September. However, date can be changedd due to ongoing covid situtaion.
  2. Prize Money
    Total prize money for the event was $57,500,000
  3. Winners share
    US open single winners get $2,500,000. Winning the double’s title got $660,000.
  4. Prize Money Hike
    From previous season, this year total prize money witness 7.60% in hike. Single’s winner see a decline of -16.67% due to covid and Double’s category winner gets 65.00% in hike.
Australian Open

It is the first grand slam event of the tennis calendar year. It was started in 1905. The tournament is played in January.

  1. Date for the Tournament
    Australian open take place in the 1st month of the year. it begins from 15 January-5 Febuary. However, this year Grand Slam started with two week delay due to covid.
  2. Prize Money
    Total Prize money for the event is $71.5 million AUD.
  3. Winners Share
    Single winners get $2,750,000 AUD. Double winners took $600,000 AUD home.
  4. Prize Money Hike
    Like ever other tournament, a prominent check was decutued from the winners prize money comapre to last year. Single winner’s got -33.25% in hike and Double’s winner witness -21.05% in price change. However, Total prize hike increased with 0.70%.


Wimbledon was the only slam that got canceled in 2020. This year tennis world witnesses its return. The first-ever tournament was played in 1877.

  1. Date
    Every year Wimbledon take place in summer. This year wimbeldon tournament was played from 28 june- 11 july.
  2. Total Prize Money
    Wimbledon tournament paid £35 million in prize money to players.
  3. Winners share
    Single’s winner got £1,700,000 and Double’s winner take £480,000.
  4. Przie Money Hike
    This year Wimbledon sees a decline of -7.85% comapres to 2019 prize money.
French Open

It is also known as Ronald Garros is the second Grand slam event in the year. Ronald Garro’s event is played on clay. Rafa Nadal won the tournament the most number of times.

  1. Tournament date
    French Open took place in the begining of summer.This year event was held from 30 May- 13 June.
  2. Total Prize money
    The total prize money at Roland Garros for 2021 was €34,367,215.
  3. Winners Share
    The single’s winner in Paris receives €1,400,000. The Double’s winner got €244,295.
  4. Prize Money hike
    The total prize money at Fench Open was €34,367,215 which is down -10.53% compared to 2020.

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