Tennis Umpires Salaries | How Much They Will Earn Per Match In Grand Slams & ATP Tours

Tennis Umpires Salaries

Tennis is the world’s most loveable sport as there are more than 100 tournaments organized each year. There are Grand Slams, Masters Series 1000, and many other events feature the greatest names of Tennis world. To make the results of these big matches fair, professional umpires selected. How much these professionals earn? After intense research, tennis umpires salaries for the 2022 season revealed.

An umpire’s duty is very tough in a tennis match as he has to keep an eye on each move of the player. Two umpires officiate a match. One is a chair umpire while the second one is line umpire. The salaries of both umpires are different based on their role and experience.

How Tennis Umpires Get Paid?

Contract Salary | Tennis umpires receive payments on the basis of their experience and activity. Chair umpire earn more than the line umpire of the same experience because a chair umpire has more rights. Same as the professional umpires earn contracts of greater worth and get the maximum payouts. Beginners do not get contracts and they receive lowest payouts. While the female officials earn in between the both.

Grand Slams Earnings | When an umpire enters the Grand Slams and Masters 1000 cup, his earnings get a boom as he receives maximum payouts. Only professional umpires get the contracts to officiate the main events matches.

Sponsorships | There are also sponsorship deals for some umpires that makes an increment in the earnings of an umpire and his earning may reach up to a maximum £500,000.

How Much Tennis Umpires Earn?

Professional Umpires | When an umpire gets experience of more than 5 to 6 years, he will get the contracts of higher worth. A professional umpire can earn maximum £1,500 to officiate a normal tennis match. While, when he will get the chance to judge Grand Slams matches, his per match earnings may reach up to £2,500 in league matches. Moreover, if he gets the chance to referee knockouts, he may pocket £5,000 per match. Some other bonuses for professional umpires are following.

  • Sponsorships
  • Travel Fee
  • Free Accommodation
  • Health Insurance

A professional umpire can earn maximum up to £500,000 including sponsorships, Grand Slams earnings and contract salaries.

Female Umpires | In the last few years, salaries of female umpires increased as the world recognized the importance of this gender. Still, there payouts are less than males due to the factor of gender pay-gap. A female umpire can earn maximum £750 for a normal tennis match. But they will pocket the double amount when they officiate Grand Slams matches. Their annual earnings can reach maximum up to £200,000 including Grand Slams earnings and bonuses.

Beginners | A rookie will not get the contract with any tennis association until he will get the experience of one or more years. In start, a rookie just pocket per match fee for officiating a match. The maximum payout he can receive is up to £300.

CategorizesFee/MatchFee/Grand Slam MatchAnnual Income

Tennis Chair Umpires vs Line Umpires Salaries Comparison

Chair Umpire | Chair umpires receive more money as compared to line umpire because he has more rights. A chair umpire can earn £1,500 for a match while for Grand Slams, his earnings may climbs up to £5,000 for a semi-final or final match.

Line Umpire | Line umpires having same experience like chair umpire get low money. If he will select for officiating knockout match of Grand Slams or Masters 1000 Cup, he will pocket £3,500 as a match fee.

UmpiresFee/MatchFee/Grand Slams MatchAnnual Earnings
Chair Umpires£1,500£5,000£500,000
Line Umpires£950£3,500£350,000

Highest Paid Tennis Umpires In 2022

UmpiresFee/MatchFee/Grand Slam MatchAnnual Earnings
Timo Janzen£1,500£5,000£500,000
Nacho Forcadell£1,500£5,000£500,000
Adel Nour£1,500£5,000£500,000
Nico Helwerth£1,500£5,000£500,000
Jaume Campistol£1,500£5,000£500,000
Pierre Bacchi£1,500£5,000£500,000
Renaud Lichtenstein£1,500£5,000£500,000

All these are the salaries details of Tennis Umpires for 2022. Australian Open, ATP tours, and WTA tours schedule 2022 announced. If there are any changes in the contracts and salaries, we will update them here on the site.

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