How Much A Pro Wrestler Earn Per Year?

Professional Wrestler Earn Year

Being a professional wrestler is never easy as you have to face a lot of expectations from fans while participating in the major pay-per-view events and championships campaigns. However, it also comes with huge benefits as pro wrestlers pocket massive money from their contracts and merchandise sales. Moreover, enormous endorsement deals and branding also bring handsome figures alongside with fame and popularity. Thus, they live a ludicrous life. Here are the complete details about how much a professional wrestler earn per year.

How Much A Professional Wrestler Earn Per Year?

The money a wrestler will take home mainly depends upon his contract and promotion’s worth. Industries like WWE generate huge revenue ane ultimately provide solid payouts to the contracted professionals. Moreover, PPV share revenue is also another big sources on which the most chunk of players’ money depends.

PromotionsSuperStar ContractAverage Salary/Year
Impact Wrestling$500k$15k

World Wrestling Entertainment

WWE is the oldest and top rated wrestling promotion in the world having millions of fans all across the globe and has produced many big names in the past. Besides the star power, the promotion is best famous for organizing major pay-per-view events which ultimately gross amazing figures through PPV sales and endorsements. On average, a pro WWE wrestler will mange to earn $1 million annually from the contract deals and available endorsements also including merchandise sales. However, some may earn more than the proposed figures.

Randy Orton: With a blistering career spanning more than 20 years, Randy Orton is the highest paid professional wrestler in WWE with contract earnings of $5 milliom annually. He is performing under the RAW brand and thus, also pockets huge PPV revenue share when it comes to major events.

Brock Lesnar is highest paid wwe wrestler with contract worth more than $10m which include pay-per-view money and sponsorship earnings. When he rejoined WWE he earned more than $12m a year.

John Cena: John Cena is one of the biggest name of wrestling industry who is been famous for changing his position quickly inside the ring. He is currently contracted eoth WWE for limited appearances and is pocketing the PPV split share of 50% besides the base salary of $5 million annually.

Dwayne Johnson: Dwayne Johnson although has left the WWE. Still he is available for fights in major pay-per-views on selected appearance contracts and earning the annual base salary of $4 million besides 50% PPV split share.

Triple H: One of the greatest wrestler of WWE is currently performing as Chief Content Officer for the promotion. Moreover, he also appeared in mega contests on limited appearance contract which brings $3 million to his account annually.

AJ Styles: The American professional wrestler is currently having a ludicrous deal with WWE and is the 2nd highest paid full time wrestler. He is performing under the RAW brand and earning the guaranteed base payout of $1.5 million annually besides the pay-per-view share revenue.

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling, most commonly referred as AEW has earned the second spot among the best wrestling promotions in the world. The average base salary of a pro wrestler in AEW is somewhere between $300k to $500k with some earnings incredible figures.

Dean Ambrose: Former WWE star is currently the highest paid AEW wrestler and is fighting under the ring name Jon Moxley. His base salary is currently touching the $3.5 million mark annually. While huge figures also comes to his account when it comes to big PPV fights.

CM Punk: The retired mixed martial artist CM Punk is also signed to All Elite Wrestling on expensive contract which pays him $3 million per year besides any sponsorships and merchandise sales revenue. However, if we add PPV revenue and other income streams, Punk will manage to make $15 millions on annual basis.

Chris Jericho: Chris Jericho is also active in AEW and is pocketing huge base salary of $3 million per year accompanied by massive pay-per-view sales revenue which makes a biggest chunk of his annual earnings. He has started his professional career in 1990 and since then, remain one of the best in business.

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling also comes to the party from the last few years after receiving multi-million broadcast deals and signing enormous contracts with widely recognized brands which brings massive money to the accounts of promotion. Consequently, the contracted wrestlers also able to receive handsome payouts. On average, a professional at Impact Wrestling will earn $63,000. While PPV revenue plays a crucial role to increase the wrestlers earnings per year.

Sami Callihan: Christian Cage is American professional wrestler and has signed the contract deal with Impact Wrestling and is the highest paid wrestler of this promotion earning the base salary of $625,000 guaranteed. Moreover, he also takes home PPV sales revenue during the mega events appearances.

Eric Young: The Canadian star wrestler Eric Young is best famous for his tenure in Impact Wrestling as he has won 14 Championships during this era. That’s why, he is pretty much good in business with making $500k guaranteed per year.

Highest Paid Professional Wrestlers

#No.WrestlersPromotionsBase Salary/Year
1Randy OrtonWWE$5 Million
2John CenaWWE$5 Million
3Dwayne JohnsonWWE$4 Million
4Dean AmbroseAEW$3.5 Million (reported)
5Triple HWWE$3 Million
6CM PunkAEW$3 Million (reported)
7Chris JerichoAEW$3 Million (reported)
8AJ StylesWWE$1.5 Million
9Sami CallihanImpact Wrestling$625k (reported)
10Eric YoungImpact Wrestling$500k (reported)

All these are the details about how much a professional wrestler earn per year. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!